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Lightyear - Lightyear Coach Training

Level 1 Coach Training

Lightyear Coach Training

Only 10 days left to apply! Learn the magic behind Lightyear’s unparalleled methodology that has transformed the cultures at 100s of companies, including lululemon, and 1000s of lives across the globe.

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Activate all your gifts.
Ignite your purpose.
Generate the future.

You are on the cusp of realizing your dream or ready to take the next step in your business or personal life, but are stuck and unsure how. You may feel overwhelmed with other's expectations, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, or a lack of clarity on how to move forward.

  • Something is keeping you from stepping into your big, sweaty goals
  • You're frustrated you're not where you thought you’d be by 2022
  • Your "good" is stopping you from reaching your best

What if you could liberate yourself from what is holding you back?

Join Chief Success Officer and Senior Lightyear Coach, and founder of Big Power Yoga, Nancy Perry, along with Lightyear Founder Susanne Conrad and other Senior Coaches for this epic co-led Lightyear Coach Training.

Lightyear Coach Training (LCT)is a program designed to launch dynamic and compassionate leaders using Lightyear’s unparalleled methodology that integrates your whole self, activating the inherent power of authentic choice, community, and fun.

Welcome to Lightyear Coach Training.
Learn the magic behind Lightyear’s unparalleled methodology that has transformed the cultures at 100s of companies, including lululemon, and
1000s of lives across the globe.

Lightyear Coach Training is for dynamic and compassionate leaders who are ready to:
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    Activate your unique leadership and coaching capacity

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    Learn, study, and teach Lightyear’s core curriculum including Level 1: Vision + Goals

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    Engage in weekly sessions with Lightyear's Founder, Susanne Conrad, and BIG Power Yoga Founder, Nancy Perry, becoming a part of an inner circle of mentorship

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    Receive individualized feedback and support from Susanne, Nancy, Certified Senior Coaches, and the Lightyear Team

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    Catapult into new possibilities, prosperity, and growth for your business, employees, and clients.

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    Grow with a likeminded community of visionaries, progressive entrepreneurs and global leaders.

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Why we made this course

The Lightyear Coach Training ignited a belief in myself I’ve never experienced before. When I began, I wasn’t an entrepreneur. It was through the training that I became one. I discovered it was possible to launch my dream business. It also provided me with simple tools I can implement in the moments of my day so I feel well equipped for anything and everything that goes on in my life as a wife, mother, friend, business owner, and community leader.

Jacki Carr profile picture

Jacki Carr

Goal Coach & Speaker

I thank God everyday for the Lightyear community. They are the ones who help me stay the course that I have set for myself and continue to be my biggest advocates. My life has been forever changed because of Susanne and the camaraderie of the incredible individuals that are part of Lightyear!

Nicole Tsong profile picture

Nicole Tsong

Work/Life Balance & Energy Coach and Author

Lightyear has transformed how I show up in the world for myself and others. I am a more generous listener; I lead from a place of grace and curiosity; my choice is restored. I always thought I knew what I wanted, but through Lightyear work I saw a future for myself that I didn't know existed before. My life has taken a huge upgrade and I'm excited everyday to live in my vision. I can't express enough how much one can benefit from this work. I say choose this journey!

User Picture

Rachel Bubb

LCT '21, Financial Planner, Marathoner, Farmer

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