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Lightyear - Whole Prosperity

Level 3

Whole Prosperity
Upgrade your self-worth

Upgrade your self-worth and your relationships through a new understanding of wealth, currency, and prosperity and make a BIG life change.

Whole prosperity requires us to be in conscious choice of who we are and how we create and expand relationships and wealth of all types in the world. 

Lightyear's Level 3: Whole Prosperity course will empower you with a new and deeper understanding of wealth and value exchange as it relates to your self-worth, your decisions, your money choices, your vision and goals, your relationships, and your impact on the planet.


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Whole Prosperity will give you a clear understanding of how to invest your time, money, talent, and resources in your own life,
your community and the world

In this course, you will walk away with:
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    A deep and defined sense of self-worth and value exchange as it relates to self, others, and the planet

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    A pathway the way you want to be living your life and spending your time, energy, and money

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    How to remain centered when your environment is uncertain and influx

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    A framework to generate the wealth you desire doing what you love

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    A BIG upgrade to your current Vision and Goals

Change your life now

After leaving a high-stress job in a field I no longer wanted to pursue, I turned to the Power Your Future coursework. It gave me skills to improve my day-to-day life and the framework to envision a future inspired by creativity and possibility. I completed the coursework with a vision to pursue Grad School, a goal I am now making headway with.

As I continue on my path -- re-assessing and sometimes rerouting -- I have found myself returning to several of the Power Your Future exercises, drawing new circles full of wants for my life or tweaking my vision statements. These activities have provided me with clarity in times of need, allowing me to be intentional and ambitious with where I am heading.”

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