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Lightyear - 12 Months of Radiance Workshop Series


Lightyear Workshops

A monthly series to explore the Universal Laws, Mind Gems, and Brain Rings

Cultivate self-trust. Build your radiance.

Join Lightyear Leadership founder Susanne Conrad for a monthly series exploring the 12 Universal Laws, the 12 Mind Gems, and the 12 Brain Rings from the Gems of Excellence program.
Each month will focus on one specific Universal Law that creates a spiritually aligned life and an accompanying Mind Gem and Brain Ring.

What will you walk away with:
  • A deeper understanding of Universal Laws
  • Practical tools for integrating the brain and body for success
  • A deeper experience of self-trust
  • A GREAT beginning to your year of Radiant Resilience

Whether you attend one or all the Twelve Months of Radiance, these workshops are like a tuning fork that keeps you attuned to your life of radiant choice! Lightyear is here to give you 365 days and nights of self-transformation! The time is now to belong to a structure and community that supports YOU and your journey of BECOMING!

Why we made the 12 Months of Radiance Workshop Series

We have answers.