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Lightyear - Integrated Leadership

Level 2

Integrated Leadership
Turn your big ideas into a reality

Integrated Leadership gives you practical day-to-day tools for effective communication, so you can get where you’re going faster. It will teach you how to communicate better with others, no matter who they are or where they come from.

It’s not easy working with others, sometimes you finish a project only to find out that everyone else was working toward a different goal. Your partner might insist they’ll complete their task but it doesn’t happen without your constant nagging.

It can be stressful when you feel you can’t rely on other people, and annoying when they seem to simply ignore your wishes. Sometimes it feels like you have to do everything yourself.

There’s a way past feeling stuck, a way to gain back your own power, give your words meaning again and move forward. Integrated Leadership will show you how.


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Personal Legacy will enable you to identify the future you want and provide tools and practices to
design the path to get there

In this course, you will:
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    Learn the five different types of conversations you need to have at every stage of your project and when to have them.

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    Keep your team engaged in each project by providing choices and staying interested in the individuals.

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    Learn how to grow in each phase of your project, carrying forward what works and leaving behind what doesn’t

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    Understand the anatomy of a request and the four allowed responses to one.

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    Learn how to manage your communication by eliminating harmful words from your vocabulary and giving yourself permission for a take two -- a second try at saying what you mean.

Change your life now

Before taking this course, my approach to leading projects and people was much more linear:  scheduling milestones and ticking off checklists to deliver ‘on-time, on budget, in full.’  This course was a brilliant reminder that life moves more cyclically and there’s much that business can leverage from these patterns.  ‘Integrated Leadership’ gave me a straightforward, whole-hearted, practical framework to harness naturally occurring cycles of success and both sides of my creative/analytical brain. I am now much better equipped to shape realistic projects that embrace the wonderful complexity of human nature.  And work is even more fulfilling because I am driving business with my whole self — and creating that same space for my team.

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Dwayne Britton

Team Leader at a World-Famous Fruit Stand & Founder of DAY | WON

Susanne Conrad has a way of integrating a passion for life, spirituality, connection, vision, business, and values into a clear and bold method. After taking both Personal Legacy and Integrated Leadership I can honestly say I have a new language, a new way of thinking about myself, and new confidence in who I am becoming. Susanne is the cheerleader and light leader I wish I had in my life from the very start. If you ever wanted to live out your wildest dreams, you might want to start here.

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Michelle Addison

Creator of Michelle Addison Style, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother

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