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Feeling unsure, stuck, or all alone in figuring out what you want can be scary and make thinking about your future feel impossible. We get it.
What if you could feel:
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    Confident in yourself

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    Liberated in your choices

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    Supported by a community

Lightyear equips you with tools to navigate the Adventure of Life

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    Learn the Lightyear principles and light a path to a fulfilling future

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    Visualize your future and chart a path to get there

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    Write and set goals to track your progress

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    Participate in weekly calls with Lightyear Faculty for insight and guidance

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    Engage with community to hold you accountable

The Lightyear work and working with Susanne have completely changed the course of my life. Before being introduced to the work, I lived in a world that was controlled by my past and my perceived mistakes. In addition to not knowing I should forgive my past, I only knew what I didn't want in my life. I had no idea what I did want, mostly because I didn't feel I would be able to do anything extraordinary.

Lightyear gave me the tools I needed to be able to see that all the things I needed were inside of me already. I quickly learned that the only thing holding me back in my life was fear, and that the things I wanted to contribute in the world were more important to me than fear. Lightyear taught me the value of choice and faith. I was able to choose to start a business and break free from the negative narrative in my head and the concern of what others may think of me. I was able to forgive myself and value myself and realized I could create myself as anything I wanted, starting right now.

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Power My Future
30 days to launch a life you love

Level 1

Vision + Goals
Design a future you love

Level 2

Integrated Leadership
Turn your big ideas into a reality

Level 3

Whole Prosperity
Upgrade your self-worth and your relationships



A monthly series to explore the Universal Laws, Mind Gems, and Brain Rings
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About our

Founded by Susanne Conrad, the co-developer of lululemon’s renowned leadership culture, Lightyear Leadership delivers world-class personal development courses and leadership training. Lightyear’s unparalleled curriculum is based on Susanne’s 30 years of experience revolutionizing culture at hundreds of organizations and has transformed tens of thousands of lives across the globe.
At Lightyear, we believe personal development is professional development.

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“Lightyear allowed me to take bold decisions in life that I had been sitting over for too long - I put behind my fears, and followed my heart. I am now on a journey that I was meant to be on!"

Aneeqa Khan avatar

Aneeqa Khan

Senior Manager, Strategy and Planning, The Citizens Foundation

“I experienced both personal and professional breakthroughs that I simply could not have gotten elsewhere. One of the greatest gifts of the Lightyear Leadership program is the community it creates.”

Jill Chatwood avatar

Jill Chatwood

Creative Design Consultant, Master Crafter

“Lightyear has enabled me to communicate with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. I will use these tools, and thrive, the rest of my life!”

Chris Bachman avatar

Chris Bachman

Ultra-marathoner, Malariologist at The Gates Foundation

“I first experienced the power and gifts of Susanne Conrad as a master leadership developer at lululemon when I led the People Potential team. The Lightyear curriculum, focused on creating a unique and compelling vision for your life combined with communication tools, made a huge impact on me and many employees. I’ve remained very connected and committed to Susanne and her approach over the years as it inspires me to live my full, authentic life and gives me the tools to do it!”

Margo Downs avatar

- Margo Downs, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Advisor, Former CHRO Stich Fix and lululemon

“Lightyear Leadership has given my personal leadership a dramatic upgrade. Period. It has guided me to be more focused, authentic and effective at work and in my personal life. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity.”

Scott Elliot avatar

- Scott Elliot, Executive Director, Dr. Peter’s Center

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