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Lightyear - Power My Future

Intro to Lightyear

Power My Future
30 Days To Launch A Life You Love

This free entry-level program gives you a taste of Lightyear Leadership and Lightyear Membership so you can start imagining your future and moving toward it today.

Maybe you want to carve out a new life path completely, or simply get where you're going faster. Yet, your attempts at change have fallen flat.

  • You’ve tried making goals but you don’t follow through.
  • You do what your boss suggests but your job never gets easier.
  • You’re frustrated that your life isn’t where you thought it would be by now.

Instead of pouring your energy into actions that get you nowhere, what if you knew exactly where to focus to start feeling momentum today?

To enroll in our program and access your trial membership, a credit card is required for verification purposes, but rest assured that you will not be charged during the free trial period. A trial membership gives you access to the Lightyear platform with member-only content from Susanne Conrad and an exclusive community of go-getters and goal-setters, as well as discounts on programs.
You may cancel your trial membership at any time before the trial period ends and you will not be charged.

Welcome to Power Your Future, a mini-course designed to provide you with the tools to
change your life now!

In this course, you will:
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    Clarify what you want and don’t want in your life

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    Go on a vision quest with leader Susanne Conrad and picture the future you want in vivid detail

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    Come away with an outline for your life and start steering toward your chosen future

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    Get a free trial month of Lightyear membership which includes access to the Lightyear Online Community


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Why We Created Power My Future

After leaving a high-stress job in a field I no longer wanted to pursue, I turned to the Power My Future coursework. It gave me skills to improve my day-to-day life and the framework to envision a future inspired by creativity and possibility. I completed the coursework with a vision to pursue Grad School, a goal I am now making headway with. As I continue on my path -- re-assessing and sometimes rerouting -- I have found myself returning to several of the Power My Future exercises, drawing new circles full of wants for my life or tweaking my vision statements. These activities have provided me with clarity in times of need, allowing me to be intentional and ambitious with where I am heading.

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Rosa Waters

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