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Vision + Goals
Design a future that you love

You have control over your future, and you get to choose, design and create it today. Vision + Goals, the foundational course of Lightyear, will teach you self development tools to empower you to take control of your life’s trajectory.

It’s difficult to think about your future when you're bogged down with the minutiae of day to day life. There will always be more dishes to wash, laundry to switch, and fewer and fewer hours to restore yourself.
You’ve tried making goals but you’re too busy or tired to follow through or look beyond short term goals. You wonder if you can ever get to the dream that has been living in the back of your mind.
It’s time for a change, to get off the treadmill, and take steps forward to the future you choose.


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Vision + Goals will enable you to identify the future you want and provide tools and practices to
design the path to get there

In this course, you will:
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    Learn the importance of taking responsibility for your reactions, and how to manage your emotional self on a day to day basis.

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    Interview your friends and family about your strengths and opportunities for growth.

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    Create a vision and goals for your future and be held accountable by the Lightyear community to achieve them.

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    Focus on three aspects of your life for a well rounded picture of success and fulfillment: Personal, Professional, and Health.

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    Write personalized affirmations to make achieving your dreams a daily practice.

Change your life now

The Vision + Goals program helped me uncover the inherited legacies that wereholding me back from living into my full potential.  In the process, I discovered that there are things about my past that I can leave behind, and then there are things that I can honor and bring forward if I choose!  I also learned that personal development and self-discovery doesn’t have to be heavy.  It can be light and fun too. 

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